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PRESSEMEDDELELSE | 13.05.2011 - Only available in English

Yesterday two of the latest state of the art fuel cell electric vehicles from Hyundai/KIA were showcased in Copenhagen for the first time in Europe. The event marked the start of a showcase of the vehicles in the Nordic Countries as part of a collaboration to demonstrate and create basis for a later market introduction of hydrogen for transport in the Nordic Countries. The launch took place at an event hosted by the City of Copenhagen, with participation of Capital Mayors of the Nordic Countries. Earlier the same day the fuel cell vehicles were showcased for the Danish Prime Minister and the Korean President at an event where a MoU between Hyundai/KIA, City of Copenhagen and Danish hydrogen organisations was signed.

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In late January this year the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership, together with Icelandic New Energy, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Kia with the intention of demonstrating fuel cell electrical vehicles (FCEV) in Scandinavia. Yesterday this cooperation is manifested additionally with the newly signed MoU between Hyundai Kia, the City of Copenhagen and Danish hydrogen organisations.

As a result of the cooperation the first vehicles were showcased yesterday in Copenhagen in conjunction with a conference where the mayors of the capitals in the Nordic Countries were assembled to discuss Green Growth. As they represent cities with increasing hydrogen activities, the vehicles were presented at the Copenhagen City Hall to the mayors of the capitals of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The vehicles are to be showcased around the Nordic Countries at public events in selected Nordic cities. The arrival of the vehicles signifies a milestone in the Scandinavian collaboration as early adopters of green technology, moving together towards clean electric mobility which offers the same convenience as today's state of the art conventional gasoline vehicles. Hyundai KIA has recognized this unique collaboration on hydrogen for transport and therefore placed the first European showcase of their new technology in the Nordic countries.

Leading car manufacturer's aim for a market introduction of fuel cell vehicles beyond year 2015, and the technology continues to make progress. The driving range of a FCEV today is comparable to that a conven-tional vehicle, and the refuelling is just as safe, easy and fast as for conventional fuels. The advantage of the FCEV is zero particle emissions, and the potential of producing the fuel from renewable energy, thereby offering an important supplement to scarce fossil fuels in the future.

The Nordic partners in this event have shown what can be achieved with cross border collaboration in the field of green technologies. The Nordic nations have a unique platform to increase this collaboration and become one of the leading regions for a sustainable future. A continued commitment and financial support is the key to further successes in the field, in particular in securing a rollout of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and sustainable hydrogen production.

The Hyundai KIA vehicle showcasing is a very important contribution to these efforts as this marks the beginning of a planned increasing number of vehicle and refuelling demonstration, leading up to a market introduction of FCEV's in the Nordic countries and other world regions in the coming years.

Mr. Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, Mayor for the Technical and Environmental Administration states: "This show-casing of environmental friendly fuel cell vehicles and our signed MoU with HyundaioKia is an important step towards eco-mobility. We will like to promote the City of Copenhagen as a test area for future technologies and thereby become among first movers where the fuel cell vehicles are marked introduced beyond 2015. I believe the technology has great potential for the environment and for independencies of fossil fuels. Hope-fully, will our cooperation provide exchange and update on clean tech knowhow as both Korea and Denmark has highly expertise in this area"

Mr. Woong Chul Yang, Vice Chairman, R&D Division, Hyundai KIA Group states: "Hyundai KIA is proud to present our latest fuel cell electric vehicle to the Nordic Countries. The strong Nordic collaboration on hydrogen refuelling infrastructure provides a unique and strong platform for demonstration and deployment of our fuel cell electric vehicles the coming years."

Mr. Mikael Sloth, board chairman, Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership, states: "For the Nordic countries the Hyundai KIA fuel cell vehicle showcasing is a significant step forward. The Nordic countries are stepping up plans for hydrogen infrastructure deployment in the coming years, and the availability of fuel cell electric vehicles is an important key for success. We are therefore happy to experience the vehicles from Hyundai KIA and welcome other car manufacturers to join the efforts."

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    International press release from Hyundai/KIA

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